Automated Fault Analysis Software

Software Algorithm for Fault Location Calcutation
Deep Insight into Short-Circuit Events
Efficient Patrol Deployment to the Right Place
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Since 1997, NetCeler has developed dedicated applications for understanding short circuits events, power quality disturbances and wide-area phenomena, making the best use of the wealth of digital data available.

Transmission and Distribution Grids :
IVPower for TSO / DSO

Unsynchronised records, heterogeneous sources, data avalanche… IVPower Monitoring Software retrieves and transfers field data into a single and scalable database. COMTRADE files and SER logs are processed to provide the “network view” of disturbances occurring in the power system. Specific needs across the utility company, from control room to O&M to asset management, are addressed by functional software modules. Role-based access control enables secure web-based applications. Needless to say, information security is a permanent challenge, tackled with appropriate methods and tools. IVPower is supported and maintained by NetCeler’s experts through service contracts.

Applications and benefits

Reducing Outage

  • Accurate fault location
  • Fault event details
  • Suggestions to operators for manual reclosing
  • Notifications via email to authorized personnel (role-based, LDAP and AD supported)

Enhance Disturbance Analysis

  • Reduce post mortem analysis time by automatically recreating the sequence of events
  • Perform routine checks, time measurements etc.
  • Draw the expert’s attention to abnormal conditions

Supporting conditional maintenance

  • Postpone a maintenance job (e.g. +1 year) if correct operation has been observed
  • Reschedule inspection earlier if abnormal behaviour has been observed

IVPower functional software modules

Our R&D effort is currently focused on advanced monitoring rules for protection systems of both large Transmission and Distribution Utilities.