Power Transmission:
How to collect fault records efficiently using monitoring ?

Automatic collection of disturbances data with IEC 61850 monitoring applications

The power industry - especially distribution system operators - shifts to IEC 61850 for communication with protection devices and a variety of other IEDs in the substations.

NetCeler now supports IEC 61850 for transferring measurements and disturbance recording files from the substations to data centers where power & energy monitoring software like IVPower is installed.

Such data transfer through IEC 61850 is expected to become an official recommendation – and a widespread practice – within 2-3 years from now : the benefits are plentiful and the industry cannot afford developing new protocols for the cutting edge applications that are required now, like virtual power plants, distribution monitoring and blackout prevention.

NetCeler successfully applied several “Substation Monitoring Gateways” (SMGs) and promotes their use. The company also proposes engineering services for design and implementation.

An SMG can route the data from the station-local network or bus, including the well-established IEC 60870-5-103 links, to the central servers. The gateway decouples the data flows which, together with virtual networking and proper firewalling, ensures the same level of security as for protection & control applications. The company also proposes engineering services for design and implementation.

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IVPower by NetCeler: a software dedicated to power transmission system monitoring

IVPower provides essential information about power system disturbances for control and maintenance purpose. Using mainly disturbance records and event logs from protection devices, IVPower offers innovative and eay-to-use web-based applications dedicated to operators in control centers, post mortem analysis experts and asset managers.

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