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Deployment of Automated Fault Analysis in 2017

Confirming our leadership position in the European market, NetCeler’s Fault Analysis tool has finally been chosen, by tender, to equip a major European TSO during the 2018-2019 timeframe.

This deployment will enhance our offering in the behavioral monitoring of protection relays. Outside Europe, our solution has been implemented with success in Latin America, while we extend our activities in various countries in South America and Africa.

IVPower Product Enhancements

2017 has been particularly prolific in product enhancements and innovations.

  • IVPower’s modular system is well represented by the re-thought menus and underlying interfaces: User navigation is now smoother and more intuitive.

  • IVPower’s open platform, capable of both integrating external applications and being integrated in various operating environments, is demonstrated by the integration of fault location results from foreign Traveling-Waves Fault Location (TWFL) systems or Substation Automation System (SAS) event logs into our Sequence of Events (SoE) view. Thus, the automatically reconstructed timeline of each disturbance event is richer in information for the dispatching staff and maintenance analysts.

  • A new component, the “rules studio”, has been incorporated. It allows to write one’s own monitoring rules for event analysis, test them upon a selection of real events and then upload them to a production server.

  • Several other improvements have been introduced throughout the year, such as a new section in the event view that displays the evolution of the fault for each end of the line, and also device by device.

Introducing IVPower SCM

2017 also is the birth year of an IVPower new module, a new technology to monitor the protection, automation and control functions in substations: Substation Communication Monitoring (SCM).

IVPower SCM analyzes the process communications in substations by placing non-intrusive probes that tap into Ethernet streams in real time and catch unexpected data exchange. This includes in-depth analysis of the behavior of the IEDs. Truly a situational awareness tool, SCM can detect symptoms in real time. They are grouped and analyzed using a customizable ruleset engine, potentially producing alarms. These alarms will provide clear and actionable indications to the operators to prevent major disasters.

Celebrating 20 years of innovative monitoring

2017 has been NetCeler’s 20th anniversary: 20 years of continuous design, with national and international deployment of innovative monitoring solutions in the fields of power systems, pharmaceutical industry and car parks management.

In this cornerstone anniversary year, we are also glad and proud to announce the reinforcement of our staff with several new hirings, both in each Application Department and in our transversal Teams.

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