Grid monitoring:
From research to application

Luc Philippot’s passion for power system monitoring applications

Luc Philippot has developed technical expertise in power system protection and monitoring first during his Ph.D. in Belgium, then during his work for Siemens in Germany. His areas of interest include: fault location in transmission and distribution networks, power quality analysis, power system transients and network stability.

Luc joined NetCeler in 2002 as a project engineer. He inspired the development of the IVPower software and now serves as General Manager of the company.

IVPower a software for fault analysis and power system monitoring

The IVPower software is designed to complement power system protection and control systems by providing a detailed view on power system disturbances.

IVPower uses disturbance recordings and event logs as the main sources of data. Analog signals of the disturbance recordings are used to perform automatic fault detection and analysis at power system level. Status changes of process signals in the event logs complement the binary signals of the disturbance recordings; altogether they allow to analyse the behaviour of protection relays and circuit breakers.


Since 1997, NetCeler has designed and deployed innovative monitoring solutions for power systems and other industries.

The company combines proven software products and acknowledged professional expertise for designing solutions to meet its customers’ requirements: real-time measurement viewing, data tracking and archiving, system monitoring, process analysis and optimization... These solutions include all necessary support services as well as any special development work that may be required.

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