Fast, accurate and reliable fault location

Making use of all available transients records, IVPower provides reactance-based fault location using measurements from one, two, or more terminals of power lines or cables. The methods used include the most recent advances, like estimation of the tolerance, indication of closest tower and geographical position, automatic selection of voltage channels, compensation of mutual coupling with several parallel circuits, and consideration of shunt reactors and double-cable sections.

As a result, most high-current short circuits can be located with an accuracy better than three tower spans in high-voltage grids.

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We solve the fault location equations through a sophisticated model of real-life line topologies.

Luc Philippot

IVPower offers possibilities for line parameter estimation and recording system calibration in order to reach ultimate limits of accuracy. Independent estimates based on traveling-waves fault locators can be integrated as well, if such devices are installed. Within a few minutes after a fault, this technology provides time-sensitive and crucial information needed for remedial actions to operators and experts by email or text message.

By carefully considering the quality level of the calculations, the application makes sure that only reliable and accurate information is provided and avoids misleading repair teams in stressful situations. If fault analysis improves due to additional data coming in, the users receive an update.

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