Blackout prevention through early
detection of protection hidden failures

IVPower analyzes the power system events automatically in order to help RTOs, ISOs and Utilities to understand what happened and take appropriate decisions in critical situations.

Two main processes can be distinguished.

Near real time

In « near real time », i.e. within a few minutes after the event, essential information about the faults is provided by IVPower to the operators of the regional control center to help them re-energize the lines as soon as possible.

..and post mortem disturbance analysis

At a later time, the experts use the results of the post mortem disturbance analysis performed by IVPower to investigate the power system behavior and possibly find out incorrect operation of protection relays, circuit breakers...

This web-based S/W solution contains specific modules for : optimizing the maintenance, preparing fault statistics and assessing power quality.

15 years of successful business with the largest international ISOs and Utilities

Building upon 15 years of experience in the field of power system monitoring, NetCeler has developed the IVPower web-based software for transmission and distribution system operators.

A variety of data are collected from the field : disturbance records, event logs, synchrophasors, power measurements, voltage dips and swells... This data is automatically converted into useful information by innovative and easy-to-use applications for :

IVPower provides :

The end result is increased grid reliability with well-maintained assets and resilience through well-targeted response to an event occurrence.

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