Save the date - NetCeler at CIGRE 2018

NetCeler at CIGRE 2018 in Paris (26-31 August), Level 2, booth 225
NetCeler at CIGRE - Paris (26-31 August 2018)
Visit us at CIGRE 2018 Technical Exhibition 
26 - 31 August 2018 - Paris - Palais des Congrès
Level 2, booth 225
Building upon 20 years of experience in the field of power system monitoring, NetCeler has developed the IVPower web-based software for transmission and distribution system operators. NetCeler unveils its latest innovations at CIGRE 2018, the biennial world wide forum of the electrical power industry, held in Paris, France.
About IVPower : Automated Disturbance Analysis
IVPower is a web-based software product dedicated to power systems monitoring. Its multi-propose features and applications architecture avoids deploying numerous monitoring tools.
IVPower AFA - Fault Location
Making use of all available disturbance recordings, our Automated Fault Analysis module provides optimum reactance-based fault location using measurements from one, two, or more terminals of power lines or cables.
The Protection Performance Monitoring module correlates the fault location with protection signals such as starts and trips and qualifies the behavior of the protections as acceptable or not. Main benefit is the economy on maintenance crews, thanks to avoided tests on correctly-working devices.
The Circuit Breaker Monitoring module detects and analyses breaker opening and closing events. Computed measurements such as break time and pole discrepancy are compared with thresholds, providing statements that can be leveraged for conditional maintenance purposes.
The Power Quality Monitoring module collects the data from any power quality meter for long-term storage. It provides correlation between the causes of disturbances and their consequences, allowing fast processing of customer claims and medium-term improvement of the power system.
New Module : Substation Communication Monitoring
Discover our new Substation Communication Monitoring module which analyzes all communications in the substations - including IEC 61850 GOOSE and IEC 60870-5-104 - by placing non-intrusive probes that continuously monitor flows in real time to detect unexpected conditions.
All these monitoring tools will be presented at CIGRE event 2018. NetCeler will be pleased to meet you and demo the software.

If you are interested, you can send us an e-mail to book a timeslot to discuss in more detail.
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